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“haha i love this already. haha i’m seriously loling” – 49 cent

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wii workout

so i know this has been done by others, but, i’m doin it too.

starting last week, i began my wii workout, which is mostly wii sports boxing for about an hour and a half. i use my mii along with a friend’s that is designated as left-handed to switch between dominant hands.

i am combining into it any of the on-demand ab workouts and drinkin butt-loads of water some with stolen strawberry protein powder.


The top 5 reasons that the world doesn’t like us much (TV)

Girls Next Door

The three girlfriends of Playboy’s Hugh Hefner appear in this programme. Think what three girls do when they’re not fulfilling an 80-year-old’s libido. They PARTY!

Kendra: I really don’t start planning my outfits until, like, a week ahead, because, whatever I put on is gonna be hot – you know, you could wear… two Band-Aids and a cork.

Watching it makes my brain hurt a good amount.

My Super Sweet Sixteen

Imagine a burgeoning 16-year-old whining about her pony not being alabaster white, but instead porcelain white. They then book Petey Pablo so she can grind with their boyfriend that she dumps during the show because he was seen talking to and flirting with another girl.

Just minutes later, she is seen getting her 2nd car, a red BMW convertible to match her white Mercedes SUV. Oh don’t forget that everyone at the party had to wear white.


This entire channel is ridiculous. They produce nothing but more airplay for celebrities. E! News and the Daily 10 are essentially the same awful show that detail celebrinews for the day and one of them features Carson Daly, Jr, Ryan Seacrest.

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i still love new york

i’m sorry for the lack of frequency in my posts. i love new york was back this past week and back like a flash of lightning. all of the boys exes except for white boy’s were invited to the mansion. they all dished to new york details of their breakup. everyone seemed to be on the chopping block from their closeted skeletons.

at the cocktail party, new york overheard 12 pack discussing his impending fame from being on the show. she was not happy about that. however, she was also pissed at real and tango for both seeming to be still interested in their exes. it was a nail biter.

then, she called out 12 pack’s name and asked him to depart. he said “i’m gonna go back to my girl in NJ” and left.

i loved New York

i love new york was/is my favorite show on tv. however, they have somewhat ruined the show for me now by removing mr. boston.

“i love new york” is a VH1 show that places New York, a former contestant of Flavor of Love 1 and 2 in the hot seat as the bachelorette looking for love. 20 crazy guys filed into her mansion to compete for her heart. There has been some ridiculous characters on the show, including T-Weed who claimed to have been worth $100 million and Heat who kept talking about how he and NY were making heat through “butter kisses.” Oh and Pootie who had a mental breakdown on television and had to leave. Don’t miss out on seeing moments of Romance, he cried over his dog, his heart, his quick departure from the show.

But my favorite was always mr. boston. he was a crazy guy from boston, an accountant. he picked his nose on camera, stammered his speech and was the nerdiest white guy on the show. He was perfect on this cast of crazies and thugs. They constantly attacked him and berated his nervousness.

He was shown displaying white guy basketball skills and the “boston charm.” He was glorious. He was kicked off this week and he will be missed.