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sneak reviews or how the firetrucks came to save me

i went to the movies on saturday with some of the 12th st schism. the plan: see license to wed, transformers, and knocked up. did we see them all? continue reading to see. before that story, i will review.

license to wed: a movie starring some of my faves from the office, robin williams and the delightful mandy moore. it started off at a funny level and declined into a love story. the decline lost the humor rapidly. i’d have to say it’s ok, not great. remember when robin williams hits jim halpert in the face with a baseball, i sure do.

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tale of the connies

once upon a time, i lived in washington d.c. when i moved out, my mother and father came to help me move out.

my mother was in my room sweeping up a storm and i thought my room was pretty clean. as i walked into the room, i noticed something she swept from under the bed, an unopened condom. she let out a sigh/shriek and we didnt discuss it and then we moved on.

i went to my roommate’s room and giggled for a good bit, while she laughed at me. then, i went back into my room, just to see my mom sweep out another 2 wrappers, but these were open and hilarious. my mom again didn’t comment or converse about them, she just nodded angrily and i scurried to laugh again.

i love being awkward.

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Nha Trang, Vietnam. 4 a.m.ish.

I just left a bar that may have been called the Country Club, which was full of travelers of all sorts. I met a dude, age ~old, who may or may not have fathered many children in many nations throughout his years. He didn’t seem very proud of that fact, but he did however, feel proud of his ability to buy me and my friends drinks and shots and high fives.

Also, I spent a bunch of time on the beach nearby the bar talking to a girl whose name I’ve since forgotten that was Austrailian and a few years my senior. After hitting on her for probably an hour and not succeeding, I decided to go back to my hotel and find my friends who left me hours earlier.

It was late, dark and I was somewhat drunk. I took the wrong street home and made it into a scenic, long route. After I regained my bearings, I took the right turns to get home. As I walked, I noticed two girls on a motorcycle stop nearby. They stopped next to me and began to talk to me.

“You need ride?”
“Come on, get on here.”

One of the girls gets off the bike and comes up to me. “Come with me.” “No.” “Why?” “Why would I?” Girl inappropriately grabs me. I start running faster. “Where you stay?” “Right over there, leave me alone.” “No, we come with. I suck, she f***.” I run. She catches up, thinking that she just needs to grab me more. Her english is limited so she returns to the same conversation, which I once again turn down. I run again. She gets on her friend’s bike and they leave.

It was crazy.