Wuhan, got you all in check

“haha i love this already. haha i’m seriously loling” – 49 cent

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sneak reviews or how the firetrucks came to save me

i went to the movies on saturday with some of the 12th st schism. the plan: see license to wed, transformers, and knocked up. did we see them all? continue reading to see. before that story, i will review.

license to wed: a movie starring some of my faves from the office, robin williams and the delightful mandy moore. it started off at a funny level and declined into a love story. the decline lost the humor rapidly. i’d have to say it’s ok, not great. remember when robin williams hits jim halpert in the face with a baseball, i sure do.

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Hello world!

I am going to use this to blog about my life in Wuhan.

Important info: I don’t have a tutor in Mandarin or a job in Philly. I should be studying non-stop. Instead, I’m very busy with facebook.

the big house

i love moving into a house i’ve never seen and barely know about.

btw, we’re having a party, blogosphere, and you are invited. june 9: starts when the beer arrives.

joost is unimpressive.