Wuhan, got you all in check

“haha i love this already. haha i’m seriously loling” – 49 cent

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i don’t think the phillies bullpen exists

the phillies bullpen is constantly making me sad. with myers and gordon out, we are left with such geniuses as yoel hernandez (5.02), brian sanches (3.38), clay condrey (8.44). rosario (6.64), fabio castro (12.27), and matt smith (11.25) have all been removed from the mix for the reasons of injury and demotions, respectively. but these guys are complete jokes.

i love zagurski, though. he is a cutie with a capital ‘C’.

it sucks for moyer as his arm has to fall off or arthritis has to set in very soon.


kyle kendrick…

is cool.

He has pulled off another good game against another good team. Thanks to the help of Ryan “Don’t make me mad” Howard, the Phillies put away another win on their path to the World Series. No thanks to you, Bobby Abreu.