Wuhan, got you all in check

“haha i love this already. haha i’m seriously loling” – 49 cent

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please go to my new blog

this website has moved to http://wuhangotyouall.com. you are now being redirected.


it is official: wuhangotyouall.com

hey everyone,

i have officially moved from here to wuhangotyouall.com. please move your feeds and your love.




reached the 900 hit mark today, which is no big deal with some websites, but its cool for me. this precedes my jump to moving to my own .com, which will come very soon. i know you’re excited, thats right, you, Leonard Nimoy.

also, i got my ticket for china this week. i leave for beijing/wuhan on august 23rd and will arrive in wuhan probably on august 25th.

last also, i am starting a pen pal program, hopefully, with my class in china. if you’re interested in writing with one of my students either comment or contact me.

first entry

This begins my blogging. I have yet to figure out what I’d like to discuss here. But with all the blogs out there, I figure I’ll add my opinion to the world.

I’m going to use this space as a daily writing exercise to develop and expose my thought process to the world.

I don’t like the word scatterbrains.