Wuhan, got you all in check

“haha i love this already. haha i’m seriously loling” – 49 cent

sneak reviews or how the firetrucks came to save me

i went to the movies on saturday with some of the 12th st schism. the plan: see license to wed, transformers, and knocked up. did we see them all? continue reading to see. before that story, i will review.

license to wed: a movie starring some of my faves from the office, robin williams and the delightful mandy moore. it started off at a funny level and declined into a love story. the decline lost the humor rapidly. i’d have to say it’s ok, not great. remember when robin williams hits jim halpert in the face with a baseball, i sure do.

transformers: shia lebouf was bangingly awesome. it was a good movie with mega-hottie meghan fox playing shia’s female interest. tyrese was also pretty good and the transformers looked pretty realistic. the downside to this movie was when the theater made me stop watching it.

knocked up: wouldn’t know, didn’t see.

the problem: middle of transformers, the emergency alarm goes off, which for a quick second i thought was part of the deceptacons takeover of the earth. but it wasn’t and i got super freaked out. we walked outside to find the everyone else leaving their theaters. we walked around to the front just to see optimus prime land in the parking lot angrily. oh wait, it was a fire truck pulling up to fix the tripped alarm and then i didn’t get to go to the movie and didn’t even get some free spraying coke.


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