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it is official: wuhangotyouall.com

hey everyone,

i have officially moved from here to wuhangotyouall.com. please move your feeds and your love.




sir-mix-a-what: homeboy jc

this is necessary for viewing

Oh baby, I wanna read witcha
Cause your Bible’s got pictures
My minister tried to console me
But that Book you got makes (“M-m-me so holy”)

thanks lebaron


reached the 900 hit mark today, which is no big deal with some websites, but its cool for me. this precedes my jump to moving to my own .com, which will come very soon. i know you’re excited, thats right, you, Leonard Nimoy.

also, i got my ticket for china this week. i leave for beijing/wuhan on august 23rd and will arrive in wuhan probably on august 25th.

last also, i am starting a pen pal program, hopefully, with my class in china. if you’re interested in writing with one of my students either comment or contact me.

sneak reviews or how the firetrucks came to save me

i went to the movies on saturday with some of the 12th st schism. the plan: see license to wed, transformers, and knocked up. did we see them all? continue reading to see. before that story, i will review.

license to wed: a movie starring some of my faves from the office, robin williams and the delightful mandy moore. it started off at a funny level and declined into a love story. the decline lost the humor rapidly. i’d have to say it’s ok, not great. remember when robin williams hits jim halpert in the face with a baseball, i sure do.

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hoagie shred

watch this video, starring friend of the blog and drummer of chicky. this video is pretty hilarious.

comment! suggest other videos! have something to promote, let me know!


i saw sicko on sunday. it was a compelling, humorous, saddening movie.

the film starts by depicting a few people who have had horrible accidents or diseases only to be told that their insurance would not be covering the problem or that their lack of insurance would lead to massive debt.

then he jumps abroad: canada, england, france . . . cuba. in each of these countries he mets people who have been receiving universal healthcare as part of their taxes and loving it. he also seems to find an american who has expatriated to the country in order to receive the care.

the first three countries are not so surprising to me, but in cuba, the americans that he brings with him receive amazing care with plans to follow after leaving the hospital. i was wondering at what point of the movie moore was gonna get some elective surgeries, but that’s neither here nor there.

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