Wuhan, got you all in check

“haha i love this already. haha i’m seriously loling” – 49 cent

tale of the connies

once upon a time, i lived in washington d.c. when i moved out, my mother and father came to help me move out.

my mother was in my room sweeping up a storm and i thought my room was pretty clean. as i walked into the room, i noticed something she swept from under the bed, an unopened condom. she let out a sigh/shriek and we didnt discuss it and then we moved on.

i went to my roommate’s room and giggled for a good bit, while she laughed at me. then, i went back into my room, just to see my mom sweep out another 2 wrappers, but these were open and hilarious. my mom again didn’t comment or converse about them, she just nodded angrily and i scurried to laugh again.

i love being awkward.



  Dynah wrote @

you “thought your room was pretty clean” but you actually had condom wrappers on the floor? wtf kind of cleaning do you do, boy?

  hotbitch wrote @

seems as if someone was gettin lots of ass!! was it good? you should tell us detailed accounts of how those two open wrapers got open. was the chick asian? were there 2 different girls? i want to know it all. well kudos for being proactive in preventing pregnancy and the spread of disease!

cant wait to hear more stories!! this one was quite funny indeed my friend. you hve quite a knack for story telling!

  s.hor wrote @

hahahha that’s awesome. like i said, you do a lot of dating. and i guess we know what your dates end (or begin?) with. that’s probably why people should NEVER let their mothers’ clean their rooms. unless your room actually is clean.

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