Wuhan, got you all in check

“haha i love this already. haha i’m seriously loling” – 49 cent

i don’t think the phillies bullpen exists

the phillies bullpen is constantly making me sad. with myers and gordon out, we are left with such geniuses as yoel hernandez (5.02), brian sanches (3.38), clay condrey (8.44). rosario (6.64), fabio castro (12.27), and matt smith (11.25) have all been removed from the mix for the reasons of injury and demotions, respectively. but these guys are complete jokes.

i love zagurski, though. he is a cutie with a capital ‘C’.

it sucks for moyer as his arm has to fall off or arthritis has to set in very soon.



  Dynah wrote @

I neither understand nor care, but I am commenting for the common good. And it would crack me up if someone’s arm fell off. It would happen just like this: he would wind up, do the weird one-leg up thing they do when they pitch, and hurl it forward as usual, but his arm would rip off and go flying through the air, fist still clenched on the ball, spinning wildly & flinging blood, until it would land on the ground and everyone would stare at in in horror, silent, until Moyer yells, “wtf everybody?? my goddang ARM just fell off! help!”

  wuhangotyouall wrote @

poor moy. no respect from dynah, no respect from the bullpen.

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